District 7 Participatory Budgeting 2015/16 – first meeting rescheduled (date TBD)


Due to snow related delays, my print newsletter and other promotion of the scheduled Monday March 23 were delayed and the I don’t feel the awareness is really out there. THIS MEETING IS BEING RESCHEDULED.  The  new date will be announced shortly.  

Real money. Real projects. Real decisions – in District 7

Each municipal councillor has a budget of $94,000 from the District Capital Fund for permanent projects in your community that provide widespread community benefit.

Everyone in District 7, including children, are invited to come and help choose projects that will help build a stronger community! We are practicing a different way to make decisions about how to spend public money in our neighbourhood. Community members, like YOU, will propose projects and/or make recommendations on how to spend this money.

  • Do you live in District 7 Halifax South Downtown?
  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, build community here?
  • Want to have a say in how this neighbourhood budget is spent?

Does your community:

  • Need funding for a project to support, enhance, build community?
  • Want to see more public art, bike racks, benches?
  • Does your neighbourhood want to improve a park or playground?

Capital projects that provide a public benefit are eligible for funding. In addition to info on this website, you are encouraged to contact my office and speak to  Jessica Bradley of Councillor Mason’s Office. Jessica’s email is bradlej@halifax.ca and you can call her at 490-2625 if you have any questions.

What can funded be is capital projects that provide a public benefit. Residents should know in advance that all HRM policies and guidelines must be met. There are a bunch of rules that help define what can and can’t be funded, you can read the HRM District Capital Policy here.

Don’t miss the chance to get your voice heard!

Here is a video about a similar (but much better funded and extensive) Participatory Budgeting process in the US that helps explain what we are trying to do!