Snow Update – commute, parking ban all day, free transit, waste collection, etc.


Hi folks, one last weekend snow update,

Neighbours, please take the time to do what you can, if you can, to make your sidewalk, front steps, and neighbours properties safe and accessible for the return to work Monday. Temperatures have dropped and the slush from this morning combined with melt water runoff is freezing. Salt, salt, salt is required!

You should plan for for a busier, slower commute Monday. We will all need to take extra time getting to work. Please be careful of residents especially school children walked to school and work, in many places sidewalks on P2 roads remain unplowed. Pedestrians are urged to try and stay to sidewalks where cleared even if somewhat snow covered.

Reminder no on-street parking at any time to allow ongoing snow clearing & removal. Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience.

Halifax Transit will provide free bus and ferry service again all day tomorrow (March 23rd).

Solid waste collection on the peninsula will go ahead on Monday, expect some issues on narrow streets and cul de sacs.

Today crews are clearing and salting Priority 1 routes (main streets) and residential side streets where required following a mix of snow and rain overnight and continued snow flurries throughout the region.

A focused effort continues on widening and removing snow from Priority 1 routes and main arterials. Please note that cut-through access only will remain on many Priority 2 residential side streets until we can circulate the required equipment to widen streets and remove snow banks. This work is underway today in many areas.

Our colleagues at HRSB have been inspecting roofs at all schools and working since the snow storm to ensure school grounds and buildings are ready to receive students Monday.  Please check for information on possible school closures and/or bus issues.

For more information please visit:

Finally, I want to thank my colleagues at Halifax, the Fire and Police as well as 311, EMO and especially Municipal Operations, our snow operations staff.  All these folks who have been working without break since the first snowstorm last weekend.  The task is been huge, it continues, but the effort has been humbling, I am grateful to live in this city and work with people like you.