waye-library-processedI am proud of all many things we have done to improve the way the municipality functions.

  • Lowered the tax rate three out of four years, and delivered a smaller budget in 2016 than 2015
  • Continued to decrease municipal debtwhile increasing capital spending
  • Proposed and passed policies on open-data,campaign finance reform policy development and, clearer rules of orderfor council
  • Proposed a rural index that would help measure the effort and impact of Halifax Regional Municipality in our rural areas. Greater Halifax is the largest rural municipality in Nova Scotia
  • Supported regional recreation projects, such as the Dartmouth four-pad arena, the Cole Harbour all-weather turf facility, the renewal of the Dartmouth Sportsplex, the restoration of the Halifax Forum
  • Advocated for increased support for the Halifax Public Library; helped develop a new strategic and facility plan that will see all 14 branches enhanced, starting with the Musquodoboit Harbour Recreation and Library renovation this year
  • Proposed establishing a regular program of funding and support for museums and heritage facilities

Let’s keep working together to ensure that regional council is a high-functioning, transparent, accountable body that makes wise investments to improve the lives of the all citizens of Halifax Regional Municipality.

I’ve made twelve promises in four areas that will help build a better HRM:

  1. Becoming one of the most accessible communities in Canada
    1. All facilities and events accessible by 2020, accessibility in roads and sidewalks increased, as well as a one time blitz in 2017/18
    2. Transit made more accessible by utilizing taxis to augment accessible bus service, and focusing on making the conventional bus service more accessible.
    3. Set a target of workforce equality by 2024, with a goal of changing HRMs organizational culture to reflect needs of people with disabilities in both long term planning and daily operational activities, including an “Accessibility Impact” section to staff reports.
  2. It’s time to expand our rapid transit network
    1. Transit priority measures, busways and HOV lanes will be mapped out and funded for rapid implementation on key corridor routes.
    2. Make a new policy the states when buses should have priority on city streets, even if it reduces that roadway’s capacity for single-occupant vehicles.
    3. HRM shall commit to a higher-order (rapid) transit network expansion, with analysis and decisions completed by 2017/18 and implementation underway in 2018/19.
  3. Supporting arts, culture and community in District 7 & HRM
    1. Increase arts funding every year so it has doubled by 2020 (from $365,000 to $730,000).
    2. Launch the $30 million Cultural Spaces funding program.
    3. Fund and deliver the Halifax Public Libraries strategic plan while stopping decreases and indexing a renewed Supplementary Funding program.
  4. Campaign Finance reform and building trust
    1. Complete strong campaign finance regulations.
    2. Implement a new conflict of interest, transparency and ethics package for Council.
    3. Support the creation of “bids” prepared by staff showing the current cost of “contracting in.”

On October 15, vote to re-elect Waye Mason – Progressive Ideas: Proven Results