grenlanternprocessedI have worked hard to help set an agenda that supports stronger communities in Halifax, and am now working to complete long-promised plans to help protect our neighbourhoods.

  • Pushed to establish Halifax’s Housing and Homelessness Partnership, putting housing affordability high on the cities agenda for the first time in 20 years
  • Championed the establishment of dedicated arts funding for the first time in HRM’s history, a fund that has increased in size by 25% since it was established in 2013.
  • Worked with service organizations to secure funding and resources to open the first daytime emergency warming space for homeless people during the coldest days of the year
  • Worked to establish a framework to support inclusive zoning, affordable housing requirements in new large buildings, and redevelopment of Bloomfield and St Pat’s High sites to include affordable housing
  • Helped improve accessibility and access for all residents on Halifax’s public transit, streets, taxis, and in the city’s recreation facilities and libraries
  • Ensured Halifax became one of several municipalities that passed a motion in support of the report from Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Committee
  • Successfully advocated for the redevelopment of at-risk heritage buildings, including the Green Lantern and National Film Board of Canada buildings

Let’s keep working together to ensure we build safe, complete, walkable communities, and to make sure all members of our community feel included, valued and able to participate. I will also continue to protect the proud history of the buildings, streetscapes and neighbourhoods that define our community, while supporting development that adds vibrancy and growth to our neighbourhoods.

I’ve made nine promises in three areas that will help us build stronger communities in HRM:

  1. Safer streets for everyone in HRM

    1. HRM will provide funding and staff to ensure a network of connected cycle paths is completed within three years.
    2. HRM will adopt NACTO standards, especially minimum lane widths and traffic calming in residential neighbourhoods, so that everyone can share the roadway safely.
    3. HRM will adopt the Vision Zero mandate for traffic engineering, and start working toward the goal of no traffic fatalities or serious injuries.
  2. Let’s Make Halifax a place that young people rave about!

    1. Endorse the Little Easy platform in principle and work to implement its goals during the next term.
    2. Ensure the municipality and its partners actively work in support of the 2016-2021 Economic Strategy.
    3. Change the way we engage with citizens to make sure all voices are heard, especially young people’s voices.
  3. Better tax plan for people and business

    1. Keep average residential taxes paid per dwelling from rising by more than inflation
    2. Ensure the province delivers on essential Charter changes that will provide tax relief for small businesses
    3. Obtain tax flexibility for residential dwellings from the province

On October 15, vote to re-elect Waye Mason – Progressive Ideas: Proven Results