Some speed data

Preston Street between Jennings Street and Watt Street –April –May 2016
16ATR146.pdf AAWT=1035 two way,437 northbound,597 southbound
85th percentile speed=46 KPH
Average speed=34.6 KPH

Preston Street between Norwood Street and York Street –May 2016
16ATR163.pdf AAWT= 2536 two way,1309 northbound,1227 southbound
85th percentile speed=46 KPH
Average speed=36.4 KPH

Vernon Street between Cedar Street and Jubilee Road –November-December.2016
16ATR575,pdf AAWT=3592 two way,1431 northbound,2161 southbound
85th percentile speed=46.0 KPH
Average speed=38.0 KPH

Vernon Street between Coburg Road and Jubilee Road –June 2015
15ATR056,pdf AAWT=2567 two way,1358 southbound,1209 northbound
85th percentile speed=47 KPH
Average speed=39 KPH

Vernon Street between Jubilee Road and Quinpool Road-June 2015
15ATR055.pdf AAWT=3935 two way,2031 northbound,1904 southbound
85th percentile speed=43 KPH
Average speed=32 KPH

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