Cornwallis Committee Timeline


  • October 3, 2017 – Regional Council adopts administrative order to establish Cornwallis Committee, requests names from the Assembly, Mayor writes the Chief’s to request six names.
  • November 9 – letter received from the Assembly by Mayor’s office, forwarded to Clerk’s Office
  • November 20 2017 – is received by HRM Government Relations (GREA) from the Clerk’s Office with the Assembly’s nominees.
  • December 1 2017 – a potential issue is identified by GREA staff working on the report, CAO is briefed.
  • December 4 2017 – CAO briefs Mayor and Deputy Mayor.  The CAO decides to informally approach Assembly staff to see if the issue can be resolved informally.
  • December 12 2017 – last Regional Council meeting before winter break.
  • December 2017 – before winter break the CAO, Mayor and Deputy Mayor sought advice on ways to address the issue while HRM staff researched options.  Both HRM and the Assembly largely shut down between Christmas and New Years.
  • January 92018 – in the morning GREA staff emailed Assembly staff to set up a meeting with the CAO
  • January 92018 – In the afternoon a media outlet called about an issue and the CAO, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and staff met to discuss next steps.  Within an hour the Assembly staff were informed.
  • January 10 2018 – morning Council was briefed in camera about the issue (meeting added to Budget Committee, all Councillors & Mayor were in attendance)
  • January 10 2018 – afternoon Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and two staff meet with Assembly Co-Chairs and staff in Millbrook.  Agreement that the Assembly would consider concerns and make a decision at their P&P meeting January 25, 2018
  • January 16 2018 – first Regional Council meeting of 2018
  • January 25 2018 – Chiefs meet.
  • January 26 2018 – Chiefs pull out of Committee
  • January 31 2018 – Regional Council votes to put the Cornwallis statue into storage, request the Assembly return to the Committee.

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