Council Motion regarding bullying, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination

I was pleased to move the following and see it adopted unanimously last night.  More on the discussion here.

That Halifax Regional Council expresses support for the actions and response from the Chief Administrative Officer, June 11, 2018, regarding HRM’s commitment to a safe workplace, responding to the Employment Systems Review and the Human Rights Commission report, and;

That the Chief Administrative Officer be directed to provide quarterly public progress reports to Regional Council, subject to the appropriate redaction of personal information on the following:

  1. the findings of the external HR consultant regarding HR processes, procedures and implementation;
  2. a plan to implement the recommendations of the consultant;
  3. results to date and issues that may be identified during implementation of both the ESR review and the external HR consultant reports;
  4. open and completed harassment and discrimination complaints involving workplace bullying, sexual harassment and race both through regular HR processes and the newly established hotline, and;
  5. with quarterly reports to begin no later than September 2018.