Poor state of sidewalk snow removal

I wanted post a quick note to acknowledge the poor state of sidewalks in Halifax right now. The quality of snow removal this last storm has not been acceptable. The standards the municipality has adopted for sidewalk snow clearing are not very good, allowing up to a day and a half before residential sidewalks have to be cleared, and this week even those weak standards have not been met. This has to change.

While the snowstorm on Sunday night was challenging I do not believe that it was bad enough to justify the contractors taking several days more (and counting) to clear the sidewalks.

The peninsula councillors have tried a number of times over the last few years to go either bring in better standards (and the resources to meet them) or to go back to clearing our own residential sidewalks, we have not been able to get the rest of Council to vote for change.

Without the support of the rest of Council nothing can change. My plan is to work with the other peninsula Councillors to meet and talk one on one with the rest of our colleagues. We will try to find a plan for the kind of changes could actually pass a vote at Council. My goal is to bring a new motion to Council in April.

For now though, I apologize. I am sorry that I have been unable to ensure that residents receive the a high quality service that you can count on and I will keep working hard to change it.

The contractors have been given a deadline of midnight tonight to clear all sidewalks. Please let me know if you come across any sidewalk is has not been cleared.