Crane Removal  – Government of Nova Scotia Update – Friday October 18, 2019 3:47pm

Over the past several weeks we have talked about how complex this project is and this is one of many reasons why it has been challenging to provide a timeline.

With all factors considered including the safety of our workers, we expect that the rest of the crane can be dismantled and removed in about 10 working days, weather permitting and provided there are no unforeseen issues. It is our hope that it will be safe for those who have been evacuated to return to their homes and businesses once this portion of the work is complete. That decision will be made in consultation with structural engineers, Labour & Advanced Education and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency.

The final phase will involve site clean-up which should conclude in early to mid-November.

Work will continue on the ground over the weekend to immobilize the base of the crane tower and reposition the heavy lift crane prior to dismantling efforts. Cutting and removing of the main tower will begin Monday Oct. 21. The loss of a work day yesterday to the storm and gusting winds today has pushed the start time for removing the main tower to Monday. Preparation work for that phase will continue over the weekend.

This timeline has been developed based on the plan engineers have recommended. It is subject to change based on weather or other unforeseen circumstances, but we feel it is achievable and we hope it gives you important information so that you can plan.

In this next phase, our plan is to:

  • Cut and remove main tower
  • Cut and remove top portion of tower
  • Cut and remove bottom of tower
  • Remove tower base
  • Remove crane cab and turntable
  • Remove heavy lift cranes from site
  • Complete site clean-up

As work progresses, we will continue to keep you updated.