Halifax Fire and Emergency Tuesday October 22, 2019 10:15pm Amendment to Evacuation Order of September 9th, 2019

By the authority granted by the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter S.N.S., 2008 c. 39 s. 308, the evacuation order issued on September 9th, 2019 is hereby amended.

The following property may be reoccupied 1445 South Park Street Units 1306, 1206, 1105, 1005, 905, 805, 705, 605, 505,405,1305, 1205, 1104, 1004, 904, 804, 704, 604, 504, 404, and 304 under the following conditions:

  • The residents of the above units refrain from using their balconies until such time as there is no further risk from falling debris.
  • That the common patio area on the third floor remain off limits to all residents until it is deemed safe to use.

Entry into all other properties evacuated under this order continues to be prohibited.  These properties include, 1459 South Park Street, 1463 South Park Street, 1477 South Park Street, and all sub addresses.

This order will remain in place until the situation can be stabilized, risk to occupants can be mitigated and such further order is issued lifting this Evacuation Order.

For reasons of protecting the health, safety and welfare of occupants of the above noted property and to remove them from present and imminent danger, this is so ordered.

It is an offence to disobey this lawful Evacuation Order.

Ken Stuebing
Fire Chief
Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency