Coronavirus Update 20, April 29 2020 | trends are good, but stay home for now, municipal funding, ag jobs, more

This update was posted in the afternoon of April 29, 2020. The situation is changing by the hour. Please check the CanadaNova Scotia and Halifax websites for the most up to date information.

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Short update today, as I only put one out yesterday, and there is not much that has changed yet.

There were 20 reported positive results today and sadly another death at Northwood.  While that is not great, the trend is that the number of daily cases is dropping, the number of active cases has dropped, and the number of confirmed cases without the long term care numbers has almost leveled out.  So this is all great news, the trends are in the right direction.

Dr. Strang started talking yesterday about reopening the province in stages if these trends continue, and the Premier talked about the possibility of public schools and daycares reopening after the May 24 weekend. This does not mean life returns to normal, as we will be adapting to this for months and years until a vaccine or treatment is developed. It is good news though!

Of course, this can only happen if we all continue to follow the direction of Public Health.  The trends will only continue if we keep doing what we are doing, as hard as it is!  

So even though we are likely to have a number of nice days next week, let’s continue to stay home.

Yesterday’s council meeting had an interesting debate on bike lanes, active transportation, and what to do with sidewalks as we see people return to work and school but are maintaining social distancing.  You can read about it here in the Herald, or you can watch the Coast’s first Tiktoc video, which I think did a pretty decent summary, and made me laugh!

Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities had some success getting the province thinking about the kind of support municipalities need to survive this crisis. 

“Pam Mood, mayor of Yarmouth, N.S., and president of the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities (NSFM), said the province’s new loan program, which was announced Tuesday, will bridge the gap until property tax revenue returns to more typical levels.

Mood called the loan program stage one of a plan that will be necessary to keep municipalities operating.”

I’ve been working hard trying to move this forward and this is a good first step, but we need the province to understand that the problem is not cashflow, there are going to be significant operating shortfalls across Nova Scotia that will not be able to be paid back in three years.  Municipalities of all sizes need grants and 15-20 year loans to cover operating deficits.

I hope the province makes decisions about these next critical issues much more quickly than they have so far, or we are going to see serious service and economic impacts as municipalities cut and cut, from Cape Sable to Meat Cove.

Applications are now being accepted for the Nova Scotia Credit Support Program, administered by Credit Union Atlantic and East Coast Credit Union. Support includes:

  • Up to $25,000 loan
  • one-time grant of up to $1,500
  • business continuity voucher of up to $1,500 for advice and support to help your business adapt to or recover from the effects of COVID-19.

More here:

Do you need a zoning confirmation letter? Sometimes they are requested when a property is being sold as they provide info to the mortgage company, realtor, or buyer about permitted land uses & zoning of the property. Zoning letter application now available online.

Many Canadians have seen their jobs affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Now is the time to take advantage of the many employment opportunities available in the agriculture and agri-food sector.

Workers across our food supply chain provide essential services to our country. Their valued contributions are key to managing the outbreak of COVID-19 and ensuring that affordable food continues to reach our grocery store shelves and kitchen tables.

Jobs in agriculture and agri-food are diverse, rewarding, and employ many different skill sets. They include positions on farms, in food and beverage manufacturing, in distribution, and much more.  More here: