Endorsement – Peggy Cunningham

Peggy Cunningham is a respected professor and community leader who has helped lead the fight to save Young Avenue. I was incredibly moved and thankful to receive this endorsement.

Councillor Waye Mason can best be described as a ‘servant leader’ – one who puts the interests of others ahead of his own interests.  He is transparent and accountable and his election brought a breath of fresh air to municipal government. He is genuinely interested in the well being of people in District 7 as well as in HRM as a whole.  Unlike many people, he listens with empathy to his constituents’ concerns, and it is my sincere view that he does his best to respond to issues his constituents raise.  That he is able to do this with energy and conviction is quite remarkable.  It is certainly not an easy job given the huge workload, and the vast range of issues he must respond to.  He is respectful of people no matter what their background, age or ethnicity.  My knowledge of his work and support comes from personal experience.  As a founding member of the Young Avenue District Heritage Conservation Society, I have worked with him to address the issues a ‘developer’ has caused on our street.  Waye Mason has refused to be bullied, and he has shown integrity and courage in addressing these issues.  His approach has been fair and balanced. He has worked diligently to help us find solutions to preserve the heritage character of our street.  He has been highly responsive, and highly knowledgeable about regulations as well as the new Centre Plan. I have also seen the impact Waye has had on improving the quality of winter maintenance of sidewalks and roads not only on our street, but throughout the city.  I am sure he has had an equally important positive impact on many other issues.

During his two terms, Waye’s experience and expertise has deepened.  He seems to have good relationships with the huge range of people it takes to govern a complex city and region.  He works hard to be on top of changing trends, regulations and the complexities arising from a growing city facing an unprecedented pandemic. He sees the big picture, and he is an excellent communicator.  I value the regular newsletters he sends to his constituents to keep them informed about events, issues and regulations affecting our district.  I am confident that I can turn to him for advice as well as fair and equitable treatment.  I hope that he is successful in his bid for re-election, and I believe that we could not have a better Councillor to represent District 7.

Peggy Cunningham, PhD, District 7 resident

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