Endorsement – Brady Mueller

I met Brady when she was still running her smaller take out coffee place, Ciboulette, next door to her current location. Owning a small business is always hard and I am glad I’ve been able to help her and be a sounding board these last five years.

When I first endorsed Waye in 2016, I had just gone through a tumultuous time with my small business on Barrington Street.  I was faced with problems where I thought the government could surely lend a hand, but the answers were buried under incomprehensible government documents, un-findable people to ask, and mountains of bureaucratic red tape.  And then there was Waye.

Waye was responsive time and time again, and was always accessible.  He was tireless in listening to my concerns and helping to navigate pathways to help my business and others in the district.  Waye has become a champion of reducing red-tape that can bog down small business and hinder growth.  And in this especially challenging time, Waye has been especially communicative with resources available at all levels of government to help small businesses and residents navigate the coronavirus crisis.

As a small business owner, what I need, now more than ever, is to know that someone in Halifax is on my side to help me come through this crisis.  Waye has always been unrelenting in fighting for keeping District 7 thriving, and I know that Waye will continue to fight day and night for his constituents.

Brady Mueller, owner, Birdsnest Cafe