Provincial Election Tuesday August 17

Nova Scotians will be going to the polls for a general provincial election on Tuesday, August 17.

Residents of District 7 should know that the boundaries of Halifax Citadel Sable Island, Halifax Chebucto and Halifax Needham shifted during the last redistricting.  

The area between Cogswell and Duke/Rainne/Gottingen is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Needham).

The area between Jubilee and Coburg from Robie to the North West arm is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Chebucto).

I’ve updated the district map, shown below, and on the about page.  For more information about how and where to vote, visit Elections NS –

I will publish links to all candidates on an election blog sometime in the next couple days and share that via my newsletter.