2021 Provincial Election Resources

2021 Provincial General Election

The 41st Provincial General Election is underway in Nova Scotia. Election day will be Tuesday, August 17, 2021.

This brief newsletter contains info on things you might want to consider while voting, boundary changes, who is running and how to find out more information, and how to vote.

YOU CAN VOTE TODAY.  As we joke in NS, vote early, vote often!  But not the last part.  But vote before you head out on vacation, or back to work…. just do it!

Things to consider

It is always important to vote, but I think this is a really extremely important election for our district.

With HRM changing and growing so quickly, it is important that all parties and all candidates are dialed in and focused on things we all need to maintain the quality of life and economic success of Halifax, now and in the future.

Without a more supportive arrangement, where parties are willing to give Halifax the ability to do things that no other municipality may wish to do, Halifax will struggle, and you will see impacts in your everyday life.  A current example is a decades-long policy failure in housing, a provincial responsibility, that has resulted in so many people living in tents, with nowhere else to go.

We need to make sure these issues are heard loud and clear!

  1. Housing – I’ve written extensively about the challenges in Nova Scotia and Halifax about housing. Most recent articles are herehere and here (and it’s been a topic on the website 70 times in the last 9 years).

    Questions I’m asking – Will the candidate support legislative change to give the municipality the power it needs to require affordable housing in large-scale private development?  Does the candidate support immediate and significant new capital and operating funding for the creation of housing and supportive housing. Does the candidate support funding and legislative change based on the Affordable Housing Commission Report?

  2. Climate change –  Our house is on fire.

    Questions I’m asking – what is the Candidates plan to meet and exceed the Paris goals?  How will the candidate’s party pay for this?  Will the candidate support Halifax’s nation leading climate plan, Halifact 2050, with policy, legislation, and funding?

  3. Transit investment – The city is growing, something we used to despair ever happening.  In order to grow fairly and successfully, we need to see massive changes in how we get around HRM, both in terms of Rapid Transit in the urban areas and community transit where the population can support it in the rural areas.

    Questions I’m asking – Does the candidate support full provincial participation in building the bus rapid transit plan?  Does the candidate support ongoing funding to transform HRMs bus fleet into Battery Electric Bus (BEB?). Will the candidate prioritize transit, walking, cycling, and car share over single-occupant vehicles and expanding the highway system, which only induces further demand and enables sprawl?


Boundary Changes

Residents of District 7 should know that the boundaries of Halifax Citadel Sable Island, Halifax Chebucto and Halifax Needham shifted during the last redistricting.  

The area between Cogswell and Duke/Rainne/Gottingen is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Needham).

The area between Jubilee and Coburg from Robie to the North West arm is now in Halifax Citadel Sable Island (not Halifax Chebucto).

I’ve updated the district map, shown below, and for this newsletter highlighted the areas that have moved into Citadel in purple.

Who Is Running and More Info

The following candidate list was taken from the Elections NS website 10am July 28.  The links are to the first page that popped in in search for each candidate.  Political handlers – do not email me and ask for this to be changed – fix your SEO, you are in an election!

28. Halifax Chebucto    
Barraclough, Lily, Green Party – https://greenpartyns.ca/lily-barraclough-halifax-chebucto/
Burrill, Gary, NDP – https://www.nsndp.ca/about-gary
Chisholm, John Wesley, PC Party – https://www.pcpartyns.ca/john_wesley_chisholm
Kinley, Jackie, Liberal – https://www.facebook.com/chebuctojackie/

29. Halifax Citadel-Sable Island    
Hollis, Noah, Green Party – https://greenpartyns.ca/noah-hollis-halifax-citadel-sable-isand/
Kousoulis, Labi, Liberal – https://votelabi.ca/
Lachance, Lisa, NDP – https://www.lisalachance.ca/ndp
Morgan, Sheri, PC Party   – https://www.pcpartyns.ca/sheri_morgan

30. Halifax Needham    
Coady, Colin, Liberal – https://www.facebook.com/ColinCoadyHFX
Ellis, Scott, PC Party – https://www.pcpartyns.ca/scott_ellis
Hansen, Suzy, NDP – https://www.facebook.com/SuzyHalifaxNeedham/
Trappenberg, Kai, Green Party – https://greenpartyns.ca/

How to Vote

The following voting information is from the Elections Nova Scotia Website.

Election Day
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
8am to 8pm

Early Voting Options – Vote Early, Vote Safely!
Before election day voters can vote safely at any returning office or early voting location in the province.

Returning Office
Open Mondays to Saturdays – Closed Sundays
9am to 6pm
or until 8pm Thursday, August 12, and Friday, August 13
Vote safely at any Returning Office in Nova Scotia before election day.

Advance Poll
Saturday, August 7 to Saturday, August 14
9am to 6pm
or until 8pm Thursday, August 12 and Friday, August 13
Closed Sunday
You can vote safely at any early voting location in Nova Scotia

Vote by Mail – Write-in Ballot Applications
You can apply on-line for a write-in ballot to vote by mail. Apply online or ask someone you trust who is at least 18 years old to act as your agent and help you apply.
By Mail Deadline: Saturday, August 7 – 6pm
In Person and by agent: Saturday, August 14 – 6pm (out of district)
Tuesday, August 17 – 3pm (in district)

You can also make an appointment through your local returning office for a write-in ballot team to visit you at home to help you vote. Write-in ballots conducted every day except Sunday during hours the returning office is returning office is open.