Connecting People and Places 

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Halifax will invest in the proposed rapid transit network and in changes to how we move people from place to place while ensuring access for all.

In recent months we’ve come face to face with real barriers to mobility in our municipality. Going forward, we must ensure that HRM has complete streets in rural, suburban and urban centres that are walkable, bikeable and safe for all people of ages and abilities.

More than ever, our natural areas are becoming necessary spaces for safe socializing and exercise. In addition to active transportation, now is the time for transformative Bus Rapid Transit, ferry expansion and suburban park-and-rides that will connect residents from all over HRM to these spaces. We can ensure people of all abilities are able to access the mobility options they need.

To successfully transform mobility in the region, we need to follow through on three transformative plans, changing how we get around with the Integrated Mobility Plan 2017, the walking and cycling network outlined in Making Connections: 2014-19 Halifax Active Transportation Priorities Plan, and the recently adopted Rapid Transit Plan 2020 to bring more ferries and bus rapid transit to Halifax before the end of a decade.

What will it look like in practice? I’m committing to achieving these objectives by working to:

  1. Complete the construction of the Regional Centre All Ages and Abilities bike network within three years, while strengthening connections to Woodlawn, Bedford and mainland Halifax.
  2. Secure funding and start construction of the Rapid Transit network plan for bus rapid transit fast ferry plan, with a completion date of 2029.
  3. Implement digital transit fares and contactless payment on Halifax Transit by 2022.
  4. Completing the work to include accessibility impact in staff reports, provincial support for more wheelchair-accessible taxis, and support for a diverse, representative, accessible, municipal workplace.

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