Crane Removal – Government of Nova Scotia Update – Oct. 16 2019

Today, the local state of emergency was extended for another 14 days. This allows work on the removal of the crane to continue in a safe manner.  A link to the updated order is included at: The renewed state of emergency remains in effect to Oct. 30, unless government terminates or extends it. The storm forecast for Thursday could impact timing for removal of the main tower of the crane. A further update will be shared after the storm. In preparation of the read more

Halifax Fire and Emergency – October 16, 2019 Amendment to Evacuation Order of September 9th, 2019

On behalf of Fire Chief Stuebing, please be advised that the HRFE evacuation order for 1455 South Park Street (Thumpers Salon) has been lifted.  The salon will open for business today. The owner has been advised that it is probable that the salon will require another evacuation at a future date during work to remove the tower crane.  The order for this evacuation will come either from Officers of the Province of Nova Scotia or from Halifax Regional Fire & read more

Crane Removal  – Government of Nova Scotia Update – October 14, 2019

The cutting and dismantling of the crane started on Sunday. Crews removed several sections of the crane over the weekend, including the front jib and counterweight jib from the building today.  The top portion of the front boom was also taken off the Olympus building. On Sunday, the catwalk was cut and removed from the boom. As a result of the work completed this weekend, the evacuation order has been lifted for two buildings: 5690 Spring Garden Rd. and 1491 South Park St. Residents read more

Halifax Fire and Emergency – October 14, 2019 Amendment to Evacuation Order of September 9th, 2019

By the authority granted by the Halifax Regional Municipality Charter S.N.S., 2008 c. 39 s. 308, the evacuation order issued on September 9th, 2019 is hereby amended. The following properties may be reoccupied: 1491 South Park Street and 5690 Spring Garden Road. Entry into all other properties evacuated under this order continues to be prohibited.  These properties include 1445 South Park Street Units 1306, 1206, 1105, 1005, 905, 805, 705, 605, 505 & 405, 1459 South Park Street, 1463 South read more

Crane Removal – Government of Nova Scotia Update – October 11, 2019

Good afternoon everyone, More photos of the site were released to media today: These photos show some of the cables that are used to anchor the crane to secure and stabilize it ahead of removal operations scheduled to begin on Sunday, Oct. 13. Further updates will be provided next week.