Crane Removal – Government of Nova Scotia – October 7, 2019

Work continues on the site. Over the weekend, a heavy-lift crane arrived on site to aid in the removal. The crane will be used to lift the middle section of the tower off the building. Two cranes will be used to facilitate this lift. As noted in last week’s update, the crane will be removed in stages, beginning with the front jib. In the meantime, anchoring of the fallen crane is near completion. Once this work is done, dismantling of read more

Crane Removal – Government of Nova Scotia Update – October 3, 2019

Work at the site continues. The companies expect the process of anchoring and securing the crane to continue right through the weekend, with the goal of completing that stage of work early next week. Then the companies expect to start removing the crane, with the cutting of the front jib (the section overhanging and resting on South Park Street) as the first step of that process. To allow for the assembly of a heavy-lift crane we have extended a street closure on South Park and read more

Crane Update 2 – Province Declares Localized State of Emergency

Absolute support and much respect for Minister Porter and Minister Labi Kousoulis for breaking this log jam. This was absolutely the right thing to do.   EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT OFFICE/ LABOUR/ ADVANCED EDUCATION — Emergency Order Issued for Crane Removal   Under the authority of the Emergency Management Act, the province has declared a localized state of emergency to ensure the safe removal of the crane at a building on South Park Street in Halifax.   This action allows the province read more

Update 1 on crane collapse at South Park/Brenton

        Since this was published the Province has declared a localized state of emergency.  This means much of what is in this post is out of date:  More here I know that it has been hugely stressful and frustrating for residents and businesses impacted by the crane. While businesses were being updated by the landlords and the business association, since we are all getting bits and pieces at different times so I put it all together read more

Election 2019 – resources, voting info

There will be a Federal Election October 21. As per the last few provincial and national elections I’ve put together this quick resource to help folks find out who is running in the Halifax District, and how to vote. In a couple days I will be contacting all four of these candidates to ask them some questions about how their party would support municipal priorities, and I will post that later. There are four parties that are most competitive in read more