Views on tax reform, part 1

The debate on downtown, the future of Halifax, and taxes (oh taxes) continues on my Facebook and to a lesser degree on this blog. Ah Facebook, if only you had an API that talked to WordPress, you would be perfect. I have said before that I was against the proposed flat tax model of “reform”, defeated recently at HRM council. I have not yet really spoken up about what I think would work, a daunting task.

Downtown Stroll

Today the #1 was full and my gentlemanly insistence of ladies first resulted in the bus driving away without me on it. Undaunted, figuring its only –1 today, I walked down Spring Garden and then Barrington, looking up and around to think more about the future of downtown.

Recession? We've heard of it.

Last night I was out Christmas shopping at Chapters, and it was very very busy, as had been the mall earlier that evening.  No parking, packed escalators, the works.  Or rather, the usual.  The usual is ununsual given these trying economic times! I asked the nice clerk at the cash if it had been this busy all day.  She said “No, it has been busier, the line up was right down the centre of the store for three hours this read more

Small Update

Another shorter update. Bernie Smith from the Spring Garden Merchants Association called to say that one of the ways that they sold the Stone’s concert was increased business for downtown. The end result of the Stones concert – markedly decreased business on Spring Garden Road, the exact opposite of what was expected, hoped, and promised.