Recession? We've heard of it.

Last night I was out Christmas shopping at Chapters, and it was very very busy, as had been the mall earlier that evening.  No parking, packed escalators, the works.  Or rather, the usual.  The usual is ununsual given these trying economic times!

I asked the nice clerk at the cash if it had been this busy all day.  She said “No, it has been busier, the line up was right down the centre of the store for three hours this evening.”

I said “Wow, take that recession!” and she laughed and said “Oh, there is no recession here in Halifax.”  The clerks on either side nodded vigerously.

So while Victor and the gang at the Shoe show us that yes, restaurant trade is down somewhat, it appears that the Christmas sales are not down that much.

I read the other day that housing prices are down across the country except in Halifax, so there may be a micro-economy thing going on here that we can build on and exploit.  Government employees?  Stable business?  Maybe some new ship building and such?  Maybe when life gives us lemons, Halifax can make lemonaid.

I am going to Spring Garden tomorrow and downtown, and will ask around there!

What do you think, is the economy being in the tank causing the same chaos in Halifax as it is elsewhere?  What are your experiences?

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