HRSB vs Halifax Citadel round 2

I went to a meeting last week. HRSB wants to have 4 elementary schools on the peninsula of Halifax, each about 750 kids. The first would be operational by the time Emma was in 6th grade and would replace Le Marchant St Thomas, St Mary’s, Inglis Street schools. The ideal size for a p-6 school according to the provinces department of education is 350-450 students.

I will have a proper article later tonight or tomorrow, but until then, please meet my new side project, the project that is keeping me from writing to you, dear readers. Citadel Schools is going to go live sometime next week. I look forward to this, and my other HRSB related website, which will be a text and video blog covering their meetings… since the regular media doesn’t, not really…

It was sad to see all the Beaufort parents there, reliving the nightmare that was our school closure several years ago.

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