Of Myspace, Politics, and other

Short bullet posts seem order of the day today.

* I am amused how many dear old friends are suddenly on myspace… when Ben and I created our personal and HPX pages everyone was younger than Ben, and he was 23 at the time. Then slowly the core mid to late twenty set of volunteers and coordinators all registered, then nine or ten months ago, people in their 30s started showing up. Now pretty much everyone I know no matter what their age seems to have a myspace page. Except my 14 and 18 year old cousins, because Myspace is lame, they are all on nexopia and think I am sucker for being on a site owned by News Corp.

* We appear to be winning this phase of the battle at the old HRSB. I will donate $250.00 to the charity of Doug Hadley’s (spokesfella for HRSB) choice if the new school is built as planned. HRSB staff are in fact open and maybe excited to do consultation now, I think, just as long as we/I/us collectively live up to the promise to be there to put massive pressure on the Province to fund and build what results from the process. Stand by DOE and cabinet, here we come… softly, softly, and carrying a big stick. Thus, the next note:

* I am working hard to establish a Citadel wide school association, to formalize the political representation of the whole peninsula. This will hopefully take us from the “perceived as rich and taken care of” to where we really are “no new schools in 40-50 years except St Agnes (because it burned down)”. If anything central Halifax has one of the biggest infrastructure gaps in HRM, though Dartmouth has a massive pile of crappy 1960s and 1970s schools AND the problem of massive drops in the student population. One parent told me the politics of the area going back to the end of the catholic and parochial school divide, giving my a nice historic view of how we got here. It is now time to get everyone at the table and set out a bold plan for the future… or some crap like that.

* I am meeting MC J today, of Halifax rap group MC J and Cool G. He is going to be on the Halifax Pop Explosion African Nova Scotian Advisory Committee. I am going to facilititate and provide resources to a committee of people from teh community to establish programs for ANS youth. The idea is to tie together summer employment, mentorship and the high school coop program to develop skills and leadership in the young black music community. IT IS VERY EXCITING.