What you should expect from your councillor

While out campaigning, I’ve let  you know what I stand for and how I approach problem solving. I think you should have clear expectations of me if I am elected to represent you to regional council.

wayAs councillor, I will focus on three areas to improve the representation you receive:  communicating with residentsrepresenting the district to HRM, and representing our community to city staff.

This election comes at a critical time in Halifax’s development. We can’t afford to continue with the status quo. We need change, and I believe I have the passion, integrity, and new ideas that Halifax needs.


I will communicate regularly with residents.  I won’t call you back just when I have good news. I’ll make sure I call even if I can’t tell you what you want to hear.

I’ll maintain a website and email list for district 7, so I can send regular updates.  I’ll mail out a district newsletter to residents every quarter, not just twice every four years.

I’ll meet regularly with community leaders and student leaders.  It is important that all residents of District 7 know their councillor. I’ll work hard to make sure  that  I  listen to  you and that you hear from me.


For District 7 to thrive, your representative will need the support of council to provide critical investments in the district. I will build the relationships needed to gain the trust of council and get that support.

We can’t have another four years of negativity, infighting and one-upmanship where the end result is that our district gets ignored.

We need a full-time councillor who can build bridges, be an advocate, and who can demonstrate that supporting District 7 isn’t just good for us – but is good for all of HRM.


I hear again and again from concerned residents who say they were not asked, or informed, about changes in their neighbourhood. Worse, I hear about how they participated in public consultations – but by the time the bylaw, policy, plan or development agreement passed Council, promises to the community had been forgotten and left out.

The biggest issue for District 7 over the next few years will be the explosive growth of HRM. We will be striving to balance development with protecting the fabric of our residential communities.

I will work with residents to make sure their concerns are heard and are included in the Regional Plan, the Centre Plan, and HRMbyDesign reviews. We need a  councillor who won’t be afraid to make sure city staff follows those plans when it comes to where growth will and will not be allowed.

I’ll work hard to ensure HRM staff will enforce the bylaws that are not currently enforced, on development, on boarding houses, and on unsightly premises.


It is clear that District 7 wants and needs change; wants leadership with a clear vision; and wants a representative who is engaged with and communicates regularly with constituents.

As you consider who to vote for tomorrow and over the next fourteen days, I urge you to drive around the district, look at the signs, and talk to the people – from the North End at Dee Dee’s ice cream to the tip of Point Pleasant Park, from the Hub on Barrington to Conrose Field – Mason for Council is the choice of residents – everywhere.

Change can only come to District 7 if the majority of voters who want change back a strong candidate with a broad base of support.

I am the only candidate who has district-wide support, from all walks of life, and all parts of the political spectrum: the supports needed to beat the current deeply entrenched incumbent.

With your vote on October 20th, I will bring the change we need as your new Councillor for District 7