Councillor Elect, day 1 thru 3!

At 9:30pm on Oct 20th Sue Uteck called and conceded the election to me.  After nine months of hard work I had won the new District 7.   We, the campaign team, announced my win to the supporters waiting at the Hub Halifax and headed to the Marquee to celebrate and help close the Halifax Pop Explosion‘s 20th Anniversary.  The Mayor Elect called me at around 10:30 to a) ask if I had in fact really won, b) ask how I knew and c) congratulate me.

What does the Councillor Elect do the day after?  In my case, I sat on the couch and watched Netflix with my wife… for hours.  I had been nursing a head cold the entire week before election night and was exhausted.  I did a quick interview with Erin Trafford at News 95.7 and otherwise laid low.  The highlight of the day was dinner at my in-laws.

Monday, the first business day as Councillor Elect saw me teaching 6 hours, three classes two hours each at NSCC, starting at 8:30am.  I’d like to apologize to all the media who felt spurned when I didn’t answer my cell all day!  I love teaching and I am really proud of the students and the accomplishments of the graduates of the Music Business program, and over the next few weeks I will be working extra hard to make sure my students don’t suffer due to my electoral success.  The next two weeks are going to be a lot of work.