Day 3 – Campaign’s don’t end on election night

So the last post was wrong.  Really it should have said day 1 & 2.  Day 3 was Tuesday, Oct 23, and the day started with breakfast with my friend AJ, a pastor I met during campaigning who I really enjoy talking to.  I suppose talking to people is a big part his job, mine too now that I think about it.

Next, I headed over to my agent’s office, to start getting the final financials done.  One of the things I talked about during the election was campaign finance reform, so I’m going to report on both donations and how we spent the money, the same as a candidate provincially has to do.  I hope we can work on official campaign finance reform before the 2016 election, either through HRM or by the province.

I had lunch with the other two “freshman” of council, Matt Whitman and Steve Craig.  I’ve emailed with Steve before and met Matt a couple times.  We went to the Hart and Thistle to get to know each other a bit.  I was impressed with both of their commitment and pleased that our concerns seem shared on many key issues.  We are all working on getting to know the other councillors and building relationships.

The rest of the day I worked from home, continuing the long clean up after the campaign.  Our house is a mess.  I had time to start returning phone calls, including calling the council support staff back.  This was my first contact with anyone at HRM about winning the election.  We talked about the orientation week, from Nov 5-9, IT resources, phone and computer, internet, expenses (there aren’t any, everything is provided out of the council office, and anything else is not covered, fair enough.  Found out that officially we start on payroll and get all our tools on Nov 7th, the morning after we are sworn in.

I did an interview on Rick Howe with the other two new councillors.  Rick called all day Monday and all morning Tuesday to get me on the phone, there is a reason he has the reputation he has – persistence.  He understands though that teachers can’t answer the phone in class, so I think I was forgiven.

After dinner, I drove around with my Dad and picked up election signs…  campaign wrap takes a while!