Day 4 & 5

Wednesday I taught at NSCC.  Not a lot of calls, or emails.  It is mid-term at the college and I have tests going out and stuff to mark, so it was pretty quiet. Thursday was a big day.  I finally got a haircut.  Then I met with the Mayor Elect for an hour.  I like Mike Savage, and I don’t envy him, all eyes are on the Mayor and expect him to deliver the goods, but unlike provincially or federally, read more

Councillor Elect, day 1 thru 3!

At 9:30pm on Oct 20th Sue Uteck called and conceded the election to me.  After nine months of hard work I had won the new District 7.   We, the campaign team, announced my win to the supporters waiting at the Hub Halifax and headed to the Marquee to celebrate and help close the Halifax Pop Explosion‘s 20th Anniversary.  The Mayor Elect called me at around 10:30 to a) ask if I had in fact really won, b) ask how I knew read more

The union, the college, the Premier, and me.

If you know me you know I have an endearing/annoying tendency to talk about whatever is most important to me at any given moment. I like to think of it as open source/collaborative/social networking kinda vibe. I don’t tend to write or blog about the fluff in my life. Right now, there is no fluff at all, it’s all pretty serious. At the risk of Doocing myself or angering my union brothers and sisters, I am going to write about the read more