Day 6-14, post election – a week to reflect, and work really hard!

Wow.  It is really hard to blog when you don’t have time to blog.  It’s been a long time and I will try and update everyone on the last ten days in a couple of short articles tonight and tomorrow.

So where we left off was five days after the election.  On Friday I went to my old work and taught all day. The weekend was low key.  My wife and I watched the entire first season of Homeland, 12 shows, between Saturday and Sunday. It was great to get a couple days off and just clean the house, organize my home office, read a book cover to cover.

The next week was largely working at the old job.  Leaving a job after five years takes a lot of work – to finish everything in the in box, leave everything ready for the next person – took pretty much all my time.

This didn’t mean that HRM related stuff stop, no it did not.  Emails and phone calls piled in.  People called and left messages.  I have a pile of people to call and email back that I had to put off until after the old job was wrapped up.

After one last relaxing weekend, involving more TV and sleeping and getting my office type clothes together – different from teacher clothes – then the real worked started on Monday, the day before the swearing in.