Day 4 & 5

Wednesday I taught at NSCC.  Not a lot of calls, or emails.  It is mid-term at the college and I have tests going out and stuff to mark, so it was pretty quiet.

Thursday was a big day.  I finally got a haircut.  Then I met with the Mayor Elect for an hour.  I like Mike Savage, and I don’t envy him, all eyes are on the Mayor and expect him to deliver the goods, but unlike provincially or federally, he doesn’t have a party or a caucus to help him deliver. That said, I am pretty confident he will do it.  He has to convince 16 other people, or a majority of them anyway, to support his initiatives, or rather, he has to find a way to craft initiatives that we all can agree with and support as our own.

For my part, much of what Mike campaigned on aligns with what I am concerned about – healthy communities, affordable housing, arts funding, tax fairness.  I talked about Metro Transit.   It was great to be talking about what we could or should do in a more concrete way than the theoretical of the campaign period.  I am looking forward to more meetings, and more hard work on all those issues.  We talked for 40 minutes.

I then went to HRM staff person runs IT support for council.  He is my kind of guy, deeply into his job and someone I can talk geek to.  Now, I had made some request/demands – I want an Android phone, and a Mac… of course I do, I am an art business nerd, those are our tools.  He sits me down and says “My job is unfortunately to tell me about all the things you can’t have.”  He explained that as government officials, we are issued computers that have encrypted hard drives… when we turn the computer on we enter a password and THEN the drive un-encrypts.

There are a number of security features built into these computers that simply are not available on a Mac.  HRM has obligations around securing personal data, protection of privacy, and heck, espionage is a concern I suppose.  I just blinked and said “Oh, okay, I accept that with no reservations.”  No Mac for me, but I understand why.

We’ll have to see if I can live with a Blackberry though.  That will be harder!

Afternoon I taught entrepreneurship and bookkeeping at NSCC and then yesterday evening I went to the #HRMpolitweetup at Ace Burger.  One person there laughed and said “John bet me $5 bucks you wouldn’t come now that you are elected” to which I smiled and said something like “Ha, why wouldn’t I be here?”

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