Halifax knows that “Mass immigration” is not a real thing

Walk with Refugees for a Stronger Canada 2019

Walk with Refugees for a Stronger Canada Halifax 2019

“Mass immigration” is not a real thing but the implication is clear – that the immigration levels are too high and this is some how bad for Canada.

In fact, Canada welcomes around 330,000 new permanent residents each year in three classes.

The biggest is the economic class where about 180,000 people are screened through one of the most efficient, rigorous and effective skilled immigration programs in the world. Canada needs these workers to fill jobs that are sit empty. They are usually young, highly educated and often went to university here.

The family class is the next highest level of immigration in Canada, with around 100,000 new permanent residents a year, these are spouses, dependent children, parents and grandparents of Canadians.

The refugee and humanitarian class welcomes about 50,000 new Canadian permanent residents per year, half resettled refugees and the other half as inland refugee claimants. Resettled refugees come from the most dangerous places in the world like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, and Myanmar. Many of those 25,000 are privately sponsored by church groups or other groups of Canadian citizens who raise money and sponsor a family of refugees for a year at virtually no cost to the Canadian taxpayer.

Every one is screened for serious medical conditions, security clearances and criminal records. Criminals aren’t allowed into Canada, nor are their family members. People with serious medical conditions are screened out of the economic classes and parent/grandparent sponsorship.

“Say no to mass immigration” is meaningless. It’s like saying no to unicorns. Only racist.

We are proud that Halifax is a becoming one of Canada’s most welcoming, progressive, multicultural cities.

We are proud Halifax voted early to support the Syrian Lift, and that resulted in our newcomer programs for transit and rec, new programs at the library.

We are proud that many here who sponsored refugees then feel like I do now – that the Halifax’s response to the Syrian tragedy was one of our best moments as a community, and we would do it again tomorrow.

We are proud that Halifax’s economy is growing and attracting international immigration with around 75% of new residents coming from overseas last year.

Halifax says yes to immigration and no to making up fear mongering, hate filled lies.

I’d like to thank my friend Elizabeth A. Wozniak from North Star Immigration Law for outlining how immigration actually works, and contributing to much of the blog above.