Election 2019 – resources, voting info

There will be a Federal Election October 21.

As per the last few provincial and national elections I’ve put together this quick resource to help folks find out who is running in the Halifax District, and how to vote.

In a couple days I will be contacting all four of these candidates to ask them some questions about how their party would support municipal priorities, and I will post that later.

There are four parties that are most competitive in Canada this election.  There are of course other smaller parties, fringe parties, and in the case of the Rhino party, hilarious parties.  I am going to focus on the four main parties that are fielding candidates in the Halifax riding.

I’ve listed the candidates alphabetically by last name, and supplied contact info so you can follow along.  I’ve also created this twitter list four the three candidates who are on twitter – https://twitter.com/WayeMason/lists/fed-2019-halifax/

Candidate Social Media, Web, Contacts

Map of the federal electoral district of Halifax

Andy Fillmore | Liberal
web https://andyfillmore.liberal.ca/
twitter https://twitter.com/AndyFillmoreHFX
facebook https://www.facebook.com/AndyFillmoreHFX
instagram https://www.instagram.com/andyfillmorehfx/
email Andy.Fillmore@parl.gc.ca

Bruce Holland | Conservative
web https://www.halifaxconservatives.ca
twitter none
facebook https://www.facebook.com/BruceHollandHalifax/
instagram https://www.instagram.com/bruceholland4542/
email BruceForHalifax@gmail.com

Jo-Ann Roberts | Green
web https://www.votejoannroberts.ca/
twitter https://twitter.com/JoAnnRobertsHFX
facebook https://www.facebook.com/GreenJoAnnRoberts/
instagram https://instagram.com/greenpartyjoann
email votejoannroberts@greenparty.ca

Christine M. Saulnier | New Democrat
web https://christinesaulnier.ndp.ca/
twitter https://twitter.com/cmysaul
facebook https://www.facebook.com/ChristineSaulnierNDP
instagram https://www.instagram.com/christinesaulnierndp/
email Christine.Saulnier@ndp.ca