Update 1 on crane collapse at South Park/Brenton





Since this was published the Province has declared a localized state of emergency.  This means much of what is in this post is out of date:  More here https://wayemason.ca/2019/09/18/crane-update-2-province-declares-localized-state-of-emergency/

I know that it has been hugely stressful and frustrating for residents and businesses impacted by the crane. While businesses were being updated by the landlords and the business association, since we are all getting bits and pieces at different times so I put it all together in one place.

Department of Labour and Advanced Education (LAE) is responsible for Occupational Health and Safety on the worksite/inside the fence and Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency (HRFE) are responsible for evacuation orders for occupants that may be impacted by the crane.

The crane on South Park side is laying across the top of the Olympus building and there is a real danger the crane could collapse further. This is a real risk that needs to be considered and steps to protect the public taken.

This is why LAE do not want to let anyone into the area, because bad things could still happen, and I am told for this reason there can be no moving of the fence and safety area until the crane is secured.

I do not know why and under what conditions any business has been given access, that rests with the LAE inspectors and they do not report to HRM.

To be clear – The work site where the construction crane collapsed is under the authority of the provincial LAE, not HRM or Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency. LAE has issued a stop work order to the developer and it is my understanding that certain directions such as to develop a safe plan to remove the damaged crane and remediate the site. LAE’s Minister is Labi Kousoulis, who is also MLA for the area.

The actions taken by the municipality are focused around safety, including issuing an evacuation order Monday, issuing notifications regarding restricted access, and traffic and parking restrictions.

Liability with respect to the crane failure has not been settled as far as I am aware and it maybe some time until this is resolved. The removal of fallen crane lays with the crane company. I hope the crane company and LAE start issuing regular, ideally daily updates, but again the province holds that relationship.

I am hopeful that things will start moving soon, and that LAE and the crane company will get this work done quickly.

Although Hurricane Dorian was devastating to our community and dealing with crane collapse is extremely complicated, communication is not, it is free, and I look forward to more updates from the leaders who are responsible to return that small stretch of South Park Street to normal.