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Today I am officially announcing that I am running for re-election as Councillor for District 7 Halifax South Downtown.

After eight years, I think you have come to know what to expect from me as your councillor. I work hard to communicate with residents in an honest and unfiltered manner, and to be there whenever you need my support. Together, we share a positive vision for the future of Halifax and District 7, one that builds on the work we’ve done so far and reflects your values and priorities.

For years I’ve advocated for progressive ideas and delivered proven results, and we can see that change in our parks, transit, biking and walking, libraries, as well as in arts and culture investments.

There are three areas to focus on over the next four years: economic security and empowerment, green and resilient communities, and connecting people and places.

We need to ensure that our municipality is a place where residents are economically secure and hopeful while ensuring equity and access for all. Residents of Halifax are demanding more action to green the municipality and respond to the global climate emergency. Finally, Halifax needs to invest in the proposed rapid transit network and changes to how we move people from place to place.

This will be an election like no other: Due to COVID-19, I will be severely limiting my canvassing, and for now, I will not be knocking on your door. Over the coming weeks, I will let you know how we can chat, for example, by video call, a physically distanced meeting in a park, or a simple phone conversation. Your safety is my priority, so we will have to be creative in this election!

Please donate today, volunteer or take a lawn sign in September, and help me by using social media to get the message out.

We have made a lot of progress in the last eight years, and I’ve enjoyed representing District 7 and helping the municipality change and grow. I am asking for one more term as your Councillor to see the launch of these programs I’ve helped introduce come to completion, and also to continue to advocate at the provincial and national levels for Halifax to receive the power and legislative authority to make affordable housing and safe streets happen.

In October I ask for your vote for Councillor for District 7 and Halifax.