Proven Results: Report Card 2020

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I made 30 commitments during the 2016 election, and I am proud to say as of August 2020, 21 are done, 6 are partially completed, while 2 are not done and one is no longer applicable.

I will continue to work on these and expect all will be completed in the next few years.

You can read more about what I promised and the current status below.

Housing affordability a critical issue for HRM and District 7 Notes
Ensure that all plans, especially the Centre Plan, support inclusive zoning and affordable housing requirements as a part of a density bonusing plan. Done While the province has not allowed inclusive zoning any building over 2000 square meters has to contribute to affordable housing funding in the Centre Plan
Request that province hand over funding and the responsibility of managing and delivering affordable housing and social housing in HRM over to the municipality


Done A motion was made and passed, the request to the province is under discussion.
Consider development permit relief and Charter changes to allow multi-year tax relief for not-for-profit housing providers, but tied to increased provincial funding, and to the five-year targets, for existing and new affordable stock. Done NEW – Passed Council Sept 29
Protecting our homes and neighbourhoods in District 7 Notes
Invest more resources in HRM’s heritage staff and programming, and get the province to allow HRM to create new, stronger heritage protection rules than the provincial act currently allows. Done Staffing has increased, grant funding for heritage has increased, requests for changes are before the Minister
Restrict the ability of staff to approve variances and spell out that a variance decision does not create a precedent. Done Changes in administrative approach have resulted in clarity around variances.
Complete the Centre Plan and include strong protection for residential (R1, R2) areas. Partial package B delayed due to COVID expected winter 2021
Continuing to renew our aging parks and rec infrastructure Notes
Increase reinvestment in existing parks and recreation spaces to protect and improve what we already enjoy. Done BMBC, Shaw Wilderness Park, Gorsebrook Master Plan, Common investments approved including new pool.
Make it easier to formalize relationships with delivery partners to help deliver programming or improve facilities. Done Leases and usage agreements signed or about to be signed for all rec partners.
Expand after-school, March break and summer programming, increasing the amount of programming to meet the demand. N/A Space and staff issues mean this is not possible for current programming
Safer streets for everyone in HRM Notes
HRM will provide funding and staff to ensure a network of connected cycle paths is completed within three years. Done Federal and Provincial funding secured, construction underway.
HRM will adopt NACTO standards, especially minimum lane widths and traffic calming in residential neighbourhoods, so that everyone can share the roadway safely. Done HRM joined NACTO and revised Red Book standards are about to be presented.
HRM will adopt the Vision Zero mandate for traffic engineering, and start working toward the goal of no traffic fatalities or serious injuries. Done Towards Vision Zero framework adopted.
Let’s Make Halifax a place that young people rave about! Notes
Endorse the Little Easy platform in principle and work to implement its goals during the next term. Done
Ensure the municipality and its partners actively work in support of the 2016-2021 Economic Strategy. Done
Change the way we engage with citizens to make sure all voices are heard, especially young people’s voices. Done
Better tax plan for people and business Notes
Keep average residential taxes paid per dwelling from rising by more than inflation Done Average taxes have increased by less than inflation for four years
Ensure the province delivers on essential Charter changes that will provide tax relief for small businesses Done Charter change done, report presented to committee and approved for inclusion in 2021 budget pending council approval.
Obtain tax flexibility for residential dwellings from the province Partial Waiting on report and debate next fiscal year
Becoming one of the most accessible communities in Canada Notes
All facilities and events accessible by 2020, accessibility in roads and sidewalks increased, as well as a one time blitz in 2017/18 Partial Significant progress made, not all buildings/spaces updated yet.
Transit made more accessible by utilizing taxis to augment accessible bus service, and focusing on making the conventional bus service more accessible. Partial Taxi grants require provincial participation/legal changes. Still trying to get them on board. Conventional bus goals achieved.
Set a target of workforce equality by 2024, with a goal of changing HRMs organizational culture to reflect needs of people with disabilities in both long term planning and daily operational activities, including an “Accessibility Impact” section to staff reports. Partial Diverse workforce policies are in place, accessibility impact section not yet included
It’s time to expand our rapid transit network Notes
Transit priority measures, busways and HOV lanes will be mapped out and funded for rapid implementation on key corridor routes. Done Bus HOV lanes built and under construction throughout the municipality.
Make a new policy the states when buses should have priority on city streets, even if it reduces that roadway’s capacity for single-occupant vehicles. Done Integrated Mobility Plan adopted Dec 2017 does this.
HRM shall commit to a higher-order (rapid) transit network expansion, with analysis and decisions completed by 2017/18 and implementation underway in 2018/19. Done System is now designed, awaiting provincial confirmation of funding.
Supporting arts, culture and community in District 7 & HRM Notes
Fund and deliver the Halifax Public Libraries strategic plan while stopping decreases and indexing a renewed Supplementary Funding program. Done Council voted for my motion in 2020 budget to fully fund the HPL plan
Launch the $30 million Cultural Spaces funding program. Done Moved to per-project special funding as arts and culture funding is too diverse to fit in a single program
Increase arts funding every year so it has doubled by 2020 (from $365,000 to $730,000). Partial Got it to 440K this year despite COVID, hoping for 540K next year.
Campaign Finance reform and building  Notes
Complete strong campaign finance regulations. Done Still working on social policy, fair wage and contracting in
Support the creation of “bids” prepared by staff showing the current cost of “contracting in.” Partial Still working on social policy, fair wage and contracting in
Implement a new conflict of interest, transparency and ethics package for Council. Not Done Supported motion, council voted no.



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