HRM Map Project!

Inspired by the Toronto Star, and building on a debate a couple years ago on halifax locals and wikipedia, I think it could be fun and instructive to ask people “what is the name of your neighbourhood.”

The “North” or “West End” are huge areas, which used to have neighbourhoods inside them like Ardmore, Armcrest, Bloomfield. I am interested in hearing what you call where you live, where you grew up, where you work.

I grew up in Dartmouth, and everyone knew where Graham’s Corner was, even though it never appeared on any maps I have seen, until Google put it in the wrong place entirely on their map/

So, I have created a shared google map with SOME neighbourhoods from urban Halifax drawn in as a starting point. Nothing is set in stone. For the purpose of the exercise I am focusing us on Bedford, Dartmouth, Cole Harbour, Eastern Passage, and Halifax. The rest of HRM is mostly distinct towns or areas that are well defined.

Tell me where Armdale ends and Spryfield begins!

Review the map here:

Email me here with your changes: wayemason(at)gmail(dot)com

Let the games begin!

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